a time to breathe

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Summer is for days at the pool, ice cream, adventures, camp, time with family, and reading books that never seem to get read during the school year. So I took a blogging hiatus for the summer to do those things-it was marvelous and much-needed, so I hope that’s okay with you.

To get you caught up, I spent my days nannying and babysitting, journaling and reading, and adventuring to places like India and Michigan.

…When I write that, I realize that India and Michigan seem to be on completely different adventure scales, but trust me, my time in both places was surprisingly challenging and wonderful.

But now school has started again and my roommates and I are trying to keep up with school and make a home of our little apartment. Summer has officially ended.

As I start to get back into the routine of school it’s like life has started again. Summer was a pause to breathe, but now we’re all back and I am eager to live and learn and blog. I just know it’s gonna be great.