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diy slouchy beanie with audrey

diy slouchy beanie with audrey

Of course I would figure out how to make a great beanie at the end of winter.  For those of you year-round beanie-wearers, or if you want to prepare for colder months, here is a quick and easy crochet pattern!

This beanie is a low commitment project- it took me maybe around two hours to make.

I used a little over half of a skein of Loops & Threads Cozy Wool yarn in Merlot, a large crochet hook (it might be in the F or G range? I’ve had it forever.), and a needle.

For your first row, start with a slip stitch and make chain stitches to fit the circumference of your head, or the head of the person you’re making it for.  Keep in mind that when you put it on your head, it stretches a little bit.  When you think you have the right size, slip stitch to make it a circle- make sure in this step that you do not twist your work.  You will notice by the end of the first row if your work is twisted.

Once you have a circle of chain stitches, make two more chain stitches and make single crochet stitches without flipping your work.  When you make this hat, you will continue working always in the same direction around the circle.

When you get to the end of the second row (the first row of single crochet stitches), slip stitch your final single crochet in the row to the top chain stitch that you made to start the row.  Once you connect them, make two more chain stitches and repeat the second row as many times as necessary

When I was finished crocheting, I had a tube that looked like an infinity scarf.  It was about nine inches high when I stopped.  When you finish your final row, knot the end, leaving a long tail.

Now is time to use the needle!  Thread the yarn through the needle and weave through stitches in the top row.  For mine, I would thread the needle behind one stitch, skip three stitches, catch one knot, skip three stitches.  After you work your way around the opening, pull it closed to make the top of your hat.

To secure it, thread your needle through the bunch in the top, making random knots.  For me, there was really no rhyme or reason to this, I just did it enough to make sure that all of the parts that I wanted were securely bunched.

To finish, bury the ends and turn the hat inside out and it should be ready to wear!  And just like that, I’m the proud owner of a beanie.

Leave comments if you have questions or leave a link to a picture if you decide to make one yourself!  I’d love to see what you make.