“getting through”

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In this season of my life, busyness happens. Quite a bit, actually.

In the morning I wake up, open my planner app, and scour for time when I have no plans.
A half hour here, an hour there, I’ll have to make it work.

I’m spending my day going from class to chapel to meetings to class again to swim lessons to work to a coffee date to one last meeting. Whew.

The tricky part is, they’re all things I love. Each one of those activities makes my life richer and has a piece of my heart- I’ve chosen to invest my time into each one for a reason.

But when I smush them all together, the way a kid smushes five colors of play-doh together, suddenly I’m drained.

As I get out of bed, I sigh and mentally tell myself that I have to get through that day, then I’ll get a break.

Lately, I’ve been questioning that way of thinking. What am I missing by just getting through my schedule? Free time or not, I want to have the ability to love freely the things that I love.
I have not been doing that. I’m far from it, actually.

So now, instead of telling myself that I just have to get through the day, I’m working to wake up with purpose. I want to find life in my activities, even when they keep me busy.

My encouragement has turned from Audrey, just get through this day to Audrey, enjoy today.

If this is you too, take a breath with me and maybe we’ll both find that the things that have started to drain us will become life-giving again. Let’s remember why we started doing them in the first place.